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Photographic Portals Assignment Winner Sandra Rust

By Staff

Published March 25, 2021

Buck Breath

“I was out early that morning looking for the white-tailed deer,” says Rust. “The day before, I saw the herd playing chase with each other. To this day, I would have to say that it was one of my most amazing moments in nature. I was so excited watching them frolic in the forest the day before that I wanted to get up early the next morning to see if the deer were out.

“A cold front moved in overnight, and it was so chilly that I could see my breath when I exhaled. I then noticed the majestic light and sun rays in the forest, which had an angel dust sparkle to it.

“I saw a deer over by the oak tree, and he was just looking at me, so peacefully, watching my every move as I got in a little closer. And, in that moment, I captured ‘Buck Breath’.”


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