7 tips to look good in business headshots


1. Think about what you are going to wear in your business headshot

Patterns and thin stripes don’t work well on camera and computer screens. There is a thing called the moire effect when thin strips close together create a secondary rippling pattern. Patterns on your clothes may just be too busy  as a visual noise on camera. Please wear something plain (but not white) that will look good no matter what size the image is.

2. Shiny skin

I’d recommend a bit of concealer / foundation. Wash your face in the morning your photo taken, or a quick wash with a baby wipe also works well. Nobody wants to look like a sweaty mess in their photos.

3. Your hair

Looking all smooth flowing, full bodied and neat. Don’t have loads of straggly strands of messy hair. Make sure that it’s all brushed and neat around the edges.

4. Dress for success for your business headshot

Men should wear a professional business casual slacks with a suit coat and a pressed shirt (preferable not white), & black socks.

Women can wear either a semi casual dress, skirt (not too low cut on the blouse and not to short on the skirt), semi professional jacket, slacks with a pressed blouse. Black socks with slacks.

5. Glasses

So if you normally wear glasses and people are used to seeing you in them. Wear them. If you only wear them for computer work (like me) and don’t often wear them when meeting people, make the decision beforehand whether or not to wear them in the photo. If you aren’t going to wear them, make sure you take your glasses of way before you come to have your photo taken, so you don’t have two red marks either side of your nose. It takes a while for them to go down. So leave plenty of time.

If you are going to wear your glasses, there are a couple of things that are really worth doing. First of all give them a really really really good clean. It’s surprising how much dust / fingerprints / eyelash hair etc. can show up in the final image. So make sure the lenses are spotless and if your frames pick up fingerprints or grease marks give them a clean as well.

Lastly when you’re having your photo taken, make sure you push your glasses back as far as they will go. Often glasses just slip slightly down the nose and tend to cover your eyes every so slightly. In profile photos, it’s really important to see your eyes, so when the glasses are pushed back that shows them off to their best.

5. Your best side

A lot of people know how they look on camera and what side of their face they prefer. I personally don’t so it always surprises me when people say this is my best side. But it really helps me and makes my life easier as I’ll focus on that side and work with it.

6. Smile

Easier than you may think. How do you like yourself when you’re smiling in a photo? Lips shut or lips open? If you’re not sure, ask your photographer what looks best. They can take a few tests shots and can work with you to find what suits you best. Or take a few photos of yourself and ask friends and family.

7. The Mirror

Please make sure you visit the mirror just before you have your photo taken